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Bought a new hot tub?

Guide 1: Tips and advice for caring for hot tubs - New start, after cleaning and/or water change - what to do?

Basic tips for those who have bought a new hot tub or perhaps bought a house where the hot tub was already in place when they moved in.

A predominant part of water treatment is filtration. We recommend Cleaning-Free Spa Filters, which are superior in user-friendliness and remove smaller particles down to 1-5 microns compared to traditional washable filters, which can only handle up to 20 microns. The result is significantly clearer water!

1. Fill the bath with water. As far as possible, the water you fill the spa with should be of drinking water quality. If you have your own well, we recommend that you use a pre-filter when you fill it up. The next step is to balance the water. 

2. Adjust the alkalinity correctly as a first step. Increase the alkalinity by Alka Up (if it is too low) or reduce it by Alka Down (if it is too high).

3. Measure the PH value (click here for test equipment selectionTry to stay in the range of 7.0-7.4.

Is the PH value too high? Buy pH-minus!
Is the PH value too low? Buy pH-plus!

A high pH value results in poor chlorine disinfection, skin irritation, limescale and turbidity.
Low pH results in aggressive water that wears out equipment and causes irritation to eyes and mucous membranes. 

4. When the water is in balance, start by shock treatment it according to the dosage on the package.
Suitable shock is (di-)chlorine powder that SpaCare Minichlor. An excellent option is also Delphin Oxi booster which consists of di-chlorine powder and some oxygen. 

The combination gives a very good result! Depending on the water quality, you can also lime and metal adjusting products need to be added.

Remove the lid for 10-15 minutes during shock treatment to protect the spa lid.

5. The next step is to choose which running disinfectant to use (chlorinehum or active acid). Click here for help in making this choice! Do not underdose. Don't be afraid of the chlorine, be afraid of the bacteria!
Always dose according to the instructions on the pack.

Now the bath is finally ready to be enjoyed!

Ongoing basic tips:

Shower well before bathing! Make sure to shower thoroughly before bathing and rinse off any soap residue on your body and swimwear. An unshowered person brings 200 times more pollutants into the hot tub than a showered person

NEVER mix different chemicals

Granules (powdered chemicals) and tablets can be dissolved in a bucket of warm water before being poured into the spa. However, different chemicals must not be dissolved at the same time in the same bucket as toxic gases may be formed. This is not a problem when mixed with a few cubic metres of water in your spa.

Swimming pool pipework cleaning

You should change the water in the spa 3-4 times a year and always clean the pipework at the same time. You start by adding the recommended amount of water "Pipe Cleaner" into the existing bath water. Switch on the jet and run the whole system for about 10 minutes before draining the old bath water. Take the water hose and put it against the nozzles to rinse out some extra dirt.
There are funds to cleaning and polishing up the inside of the bath. Drain new water, adjust alkalinity, pH and shock-chlorinate. You now have a new healthy bathing water to enjoy.

Tip 1: If you intend to change the filters at the same time, it may be a good idea to rinse the old filters and use them for the first 24 hours. Otherwise, you risk clogging the new filters with residues from the pipes and the biofilm from the fresh water. 

Tip 2: At the same time, take the opportunity to clean and protect vinyl side of the spalock but remember to carefully rinse off any soap residue so it doesn't get into the spa because then you really get a bubble bath.

Sannra Spalock
Spreya on Vinyl protection 303 the cover will have a longer lifespan.

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