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Choice of disinfectants


In our experience, chlorine is the most effective and cheapest. Chlorine is also the only substance that both disinfects (kills bacteria) and oxidises the water (burns dirt and grease). This is why we primarily recommend chlorine products in hot tubs. This is to ensure that the bacteria do not survive, so you can enjoy your hot tub without any problems.
If you want to swim without the smell of chlorine, you should try SunWac 9 or Sunvac 12 tablets. The most common practice is to use tablets before/after bathing. The tablets are effervescent tablets so they dissolve after five minutes - and then you can take a bath in the spa.

Depending on how much you bathe, you shock-chlorinate instead of the tablets after bathing, every two or three weeks. The shock chlorine removes chloramines (spent chlorine) and other contaminants.
It is also very good to drain some water from time to time and refill with new "baby water".

If you have a chlorine level of between 1-3mg/l, there can theoretically be no bacteria in the water. Lower chlorine values provide a reduced guarantee of bacteria-free water and higher chlorine values can instead cause discomfort in the form of chlorine odour and possibly dehydrated skin.


Can be used advantageously if you have chlorine allergies. A little more expensive than chlorine but very effective compared to other chlorine-free chemicals. The advantage of bromine is also that it provides the same disinfection regardless of pH value. In addition to a basic disinfection with bromine, you should carry out a shock treatment every two weeks with Spa Shock or Spa Chlorine.

Our most popular products SpaCare Bromin tabs and Delphin Spa Brom tabs can be found under the category Spa Brom.

Bromine disinfects but the disadvantage of not using chlorine is that chlorine is the only option that both oxidises and disinfects. This means that oxidation must be done via shock treatment when using bromine. As a shock treatment with chlorine we recommend SpaCare MiniChlor or Delphin Spa Oxi Booster which is a unique combination of chlorine and active oxygen.

If you want to shock treat the bath without chlorine, you can advantageously choose SpaCare SpaChock Granular or Spa Shock Granules.

ACTIVE ACID - Suitable for wooden hot tubs

We recommend using products with active oxygen as a base in combination with an activator. Spa Shock or Spa Shock Tabs 20g together with Spa Shock Support (algae killer).
In addition to a basic disinfection with active oxygen, a shock treatment with Spa Chlorine should be carried out every two weeks.

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