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A side (folded side)

B side

Measure the length and
the width to the
outermost edge

Measure the corner radius
from point where
the rounding starts

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A-Side (mm)
B-Side (mm)
Horn radius (mm)
Diameter (mm)
  • NOTE! Always measure the bath and not the lid. You will receive information on how to measure after selecting the type of lid.
  • A cover can always be a little bigger than the spa. An extra couple of centimetres just makes it easier to place on the spa.
  • The lid can therefore always have a smaller radius than the spa.
  • The skirt also hangs down 125 mm so any overhang is rarely visible.
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The rule of thumb is that the lid can be slightly larger than the bath and the corner radius smaller.

The lid must not be too small. If you are unsure, order a cover that is a few centimetres too big. The skirt that hangs down will hide it and you can be sure that you get a cover that insulates properly. Always measure your bath and make sure you use the largest measurement if the tub extends beyond the wall.

This way the skirt will hang straight and neatly.

Measure the spa for cover


The corner radius is measured from the point where the curvature of the lid starts (a) to the corner (b).

If possible, measure the spa. If the existing cover fits well, you can also measure it.

Choose a cover that has the corner radius you measured or the closest value that is smaller.

With a smaller corner radius, the cover will protrude slightly over the edge which does not affect the function and is barely visible due to the overhanging skirt.

If you measured a corner radius of e.g. 180 mm, choose a cover with a corner radius of 152 mm. The difference in overhang between the radius of 152 mm and 229 mm is only about 3 cm.

You can also use our template to check the corner radius. Download it and print it out.

Template for measuring the corner radius of the spalock can be found here.

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