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Item number: 999912

Covermate Freestyle - Curl lift for round spalocks

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Stock balance: 3

Covermate Freestyle - the cover lift suitable for round hot tubs.

Are you tired of fiddling with the lid and taking it off every time you take a bath?
Thanks to the specially designed attachment of the Covermate Freestyle lid lift, you can also use it for round and irregularly shaped hot tubs.
The bracket is placed at the back of the bath and pushed under it. This also makes the cover lift quick and easy to install.

The sturdy construction is made of powder-coated aluminum.
The lift can handle lids between 188 - 241 cm wide and up to 25 kg in weight.
Suitable for baths from 66 - 106cm high.

The bath needs about 50cm of free space behind it to accommodate the lift and the folded lid.

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The perfect cover lift for those who do not have a square spa - Covermate Freestyle.

Thanks to its unique attachment, this cover lift can be used for all shapes of hot tubs. If you have been looking for a long time for a cover lift around a hot tub, this is it! The bracket is placed at the rear edge of the bath and has a plate at the bottom that is pushed under the bath and holds it in place. Suitable for hot tubs with a height between 66 and 106cm. The lift is both easy to assemble and handle.

Suitable for lids with a width of 188 to 241cm, max 25kg in weight.

Need 50cm free space behind the bath.

Covermate Freestyle - installation manual

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