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Article number: 999910

Cover lift for hot tubs

3 490,00 kr

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Superb lift for spalock.

Easy to remove the spa cover from the bath thanks to the gas spring design. 

Aluminium piping system.

See how to assemble the lid lift, about 30 pictures, in connection with the water change.

Click on the small images on the left below the large one.

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Cover lift for hot tubs

Our superb lid lift for hot tubs is very easy to handle due to a combination of smart design and gas spring. The lid lifter is only suitable for freestanding hot tubs, not built-in. The cover lift is held in place by the weight of the bath, no need to screw into the bath's cabinet.

The spa cover lift is made of black lacquered alumiunium fittings.
You do not need to screw anything into the spa. All assembly is done outside the spa's cabinet
As the weight rests not only on the centre of the lid but also on the edges of both outer discs.

The width of the cover shall not exceed 2440 mm.

About 90 cm of clearance is needed in the direction in which the lid lifter is to be folded. The space needed for the "footplates" is about 25 cm.

After assembly is complete, the lid is most easily pushed off by 2 people (one on each side) or 1 person pulling the handles in the direction the lid is folded.

If the spa is smaller than 2 x 2 metres, the overhead pipes must be cut and a smaller gas spring must be provided for installation.

Installation of cover lift for hot tubs: See all pictures, about 30 pieces, for easier assembly.

Note the white plastic tubes in the pictures, on the gas spring, are a stop for the relief dampers when the lid is up.

Weight 3,0000 kg

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