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Return shipping Spalock

Return shipping of Spalock ffrom customer to
Distributions Center i Hallstavik Aktiebolag. 

The Distribution Center emails the customer a completed waybill that the customer prints and hands to the driver at the time of pickup.

For collection of Spalocket call DHL 0771 - 345 345

The product must be returned in unused and unchanged condition as well as the original packaging and inner packaging of the product.
Avoid taping directly on the original packaging. If the product is handled beyond our guidelines to you as a customer, - Vagnerpool Scandinavia AB, retains its right to perform a reduction in value corresponding to the product's changed condition.

When the spalocket is returned to DC Hallstavik and customer service has approved the return, the customer is credited through Klarna..

NOTE this order can only contain this return shipping label, otherwise the order will be canceled.

1 190,00 kr

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