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sannra 500


A good spalock should withstand wind, rain and cold for many years. A heavy blanket of snow should not be able to deform the cover, while rainwater should run off automatically. The financial aspect of investing in a new cover is also of course extremely important.

At the same time, the spalocket should be as flexible and easy to handle as possible while maximizing insulation and minimizing heating costs.

Based on the above criteria, in combination with our almost 20 years of experience in hot tubs, we have continuously developed what has resulted in one of the market's absolute most high-quality and popular Spalock in the form of our Sannra ™ Lock. naturally sells its Sannra spalock with a 2-year warranty and free home delivery to your door.

Cleaning-free spa filters manufactures its Sannra spa filters only with world-leading manufacturers who maintain the highest quality of filters and filter media. The same applies, of course, to our immensely popular Sannra cleaning-free disposable filters, which are developed on the basis that they will help the customer avoid filter cleaning, filter chemicals and get clearer bathing water.

Does it sound too good to be true? But it is true and it works perfectly well. Read more about our Sannra no-clean filters here!

Washable Spa filters

Duration - Easier cleaning - Exceptional performance manufactures its Sannra spa filters only with a global and world-leading manufacturer that maintains the highest quality of filters and filter media. The research and development budgets are simply largest with the largest manufacturers, who therefore lead the development of spa filters.
which ensures that always has the opportunity to sell products to the end consumer that contain the latest technology for the best results. Good products, at a good price and without middlemen!

The Sannra filters have an excellent ability to effectively filter the water and are based on a filter media that we believe has a superior thickness and stiffness, allowing them to withstand many cleanings compared to low quality alternatives on the market.

High-performance filtration fabric / so-called filter media.

The filters are manufactured in a very uniform material which allows for an easy regurgitation process and thorough cleaning.

Trilobala fibers

As an example, the filter media contains trilobal fibers, giving the 21-40% a larger and more efficient filtering surface compared to competing filters.
products. The triobal shape also creates an enhanced ability for the filter to capture unwanted particles from the water, which is a spa filter's most important feature.
primary purpose.

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