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Sannra hot tub covers

Sannra hot tub covers can withstand the toughest conditions nature can present. Wind, rain, snow and/or freezing temperatures are no match for our hot tub covers. Sannra hot tub covers offer the best insulation and moisture barrier on the market. We offer a two year warranty and free home delivery with each purchase.

Our premium covers are specially adapted to deal with the  extreme temperature fluctuations that take place in the Nordic climate. They are custom built to be highly resistant to even the worst weather conditions. Our high quality construction provides our customers with a worry free experience. 

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Cirkulärt spalock Kvadratiskt spalock Rektangulärt spalock Måttbeställt spalock
Cirkulärt Kvadratiskt Rektangulärt Måttbeställt

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Important buying advice when buying a cover for your hot tub. 

Product sheet and specification.

Construction details

Spalock sannra™

Thickness of insulation blocks.

The thickness and density of the blocks is what provides good insulating capacity. 5 inches is a good value, but still keeps the weight of the lid manageable

 5 inches = about 127 mm

Thickness insulating block lowest part

should be slightly lower than the highest point. Proper water runoff must be considered.

 4 inches = about 102 mm

Density insulating block

The higher the density the better. 25 kg / m³ is a good value.

25 kg per square meter
Reinforcement middle section
Steel is superior to aluminum in strength and torsional stiffness.
2 x galvanized U beam steel.

Avoid non-inspected reinforcements that can easily damage the moisture barrier.

Embedded in the insulator block.
Type of moisture barrier
Plastic film coated with aluminum. Superior moisture and chemical barrier.
Aluminum coated plastic film,
vacuum suction, and welded.
Insulation in the middle joint

Other companies only use two small pillows on the outer edge of the middle joint, which results in heat and money loss. We make ours with two pillows and an additional long pillow in the middle joint which saves you heat and money in the long run.

Two pillows and an additional long pillow in the middle joint.
Case material Premium Marine vinyl
Swedish warranty 2 year warranty as specified
Open buy 30 days
Shipping costs Free home delivery with DHL
Delivery time 1 – 3 days

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