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Measure the A-side, B-side and corner radius. 

The rule of thumb is the cover may be slightly larger than the hot tub while the corner radius may be slightly smaller.

An undersized hot tub cover is problematic and must be avoided. If you are unsure, order a lid a few centimeters too large. It is an absolute must that you get a lid that insulates properly.

Always place your measurement tools on your hot tub while measuring. Be sure to round your measurements up a few centimeters if the tub extends beyond the wall.

The skirt will hang nice and neat.

Measure corner radius.

The corner radius is measured from the point where the lid rounding begins (a) to the corner (b). If possible, place your measuring tool on the hot tub. If the existing lid fits well, you can measure it and send those specifications.

Choose a cover that has the exact corner radius you measured, or choose one that has a slightly smaller corner radius. If a smaller corner radius is chosen the cover will extend slightly over the edge. This does not affect function and is barely visible due to the overhanging skirt.
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