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Cookie usage at kuben.se

Kuben.se uses cookies to analyze trends, administer the site, track user movement patterns and collect demographic information about our users as a whole.

What is a cookie? A cookie is just one or more pieces of information stored as text strings on your computer. A web server sends you a cookie and your browser stores it. The browser then returns the cookie to the server the next time the page is referenced. Cookies are often used by websites to give a visitor access to various features. The information in the cookie can be used to track a user’s browsing history. There are two types of cookies. One type is called a persistent cookie. Persistent cookies are stored in your hard disk for (typically) a long period of time.  The cookie’s timeline will vary depending on the expiration date.  But, once that date is reached, the cookie will be deleted,  For example, it is used in features that tell the user what’s new since they last visited the current site. The second type of cookie is called a session cookie. While you are browsing a page, this cookie is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory. For example, it keeps track of the language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored on your computer for an extended period of time. They disappear when you close your browser. Someone may ask why we use cookies. We only use cookies to collect the information required for the website to function efficiently and for our customers to have the absolute best . We want your shopping experience to be as enjoyable and orderly as possible. The cookie DOES NOT contain any personal information. It only acts as a tool to assist you while you are visiting our website. Cookies are a very common part of contemporary internet browsing. You can choose to fill in your personal information–name and address – when you complete an order with us. This means that you do not have to fill in the same information the next time you come to shop online with us.

How to avoid the cookie: You have a choice when dealing with cookies. You can either accept or reject them. Accepting them allows you to temporarily store your information so that upon your return your next shopping experience will be quick and easy. You won’t have to reenter miscellaneous data like your name and address. If you want to avoid the temporary cookies (which do not contain any personal information) you should leave the website. Most browsers support cookies, but you can set your browser to decline them. You can delete them whenever you like. 

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