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We make our administrative and internet purchases in Uppsala. We have been operating since 2011 and have delivered more than 13,000 orders to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. 

You may contact us here if you have any questions regarding our products, delivery times or payment.

We will gladly guide our customers in finding the right product by phone or email. However, it is up to the customer to have a proper understanding of their equipment and what that equipment needs to keep it functioning properly. We can only be advisors. The customer is responsible for making the proper order.

All sales are made exclusively on our website www.kuben.se

Phone: 018 24 09 00

Email: info@kuben.se

NOTE: Always include your order number in your email so it will be easier and faster for us to handle your request.

kuben.se – Vagnerpool Scandinavia AB – Org.nr 556872-2549 – Company seat: Uppsala – Box 3035 – 75003 Uppsala

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