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We carry plenty of hot tub chemicals for you to choose from.

Our shelves are stocked full of well-known brands you’ll recognize like Delphin and SpaCare.


We charge no additional fees! No shipping fees! No invoice fees! No expedition fees! 375 SEK minimum order. Fast delivery!  

Ideal value Adjust with
pH- 7,0 – 7,4 pH Plus,  pH Minus
Alkalinity value 80 – 120 mg/l (ppm) Alkalinity Up, Alkalinity Down
Hardness 150 – 250 mg/l (ppm) Hardness Up
Chlorine 1,0 – 3,0 mg/l (ppm) Chlorine
Active oxygen 5,0 – 8,0 mg/l (2 hours after dosage) Shock
Bromine 2,0 – 3,0 mg/l (ppm) Bromine

Chlorine and bromine are the two best cleaning agents to use in your hot tub and here’s why. They are efficient and inexpensive. Chlorine is the only substance that disinfects AND oxidizes the water. This is the primary reason we recommend chlorine products in hot tubs. It ensures that bacteria does not survive, which allows you to enjoy your hot tub without any cleanliness issues. If you would like to use your hot tub and not deal with chlorine odor, you should try 9 to 12 tablets of SpaCare SunWac. The odor is nonexistent. If you use your hot tub more than the average individual you can use shock-chlorine instead of the tablets. This can be done every three weeks. The shock chlorine removes chloramines, (spent chlorine), and other pollutants. It is also wise to occasionally drain some water out of the hot tub and refill with fresh water.

Bromine is an excellent choice and should be used if you or anyone in your family have chlorine allergies. It is very effective in comparison with other chlorine-free chemicals. In addition, an advantage of Bromine is that it gives the same disinfection regardless of pH value. In addition to a basic treatment with chlorine or bromine, a shock treatment every two weeks should be performed with Spa Shock or Spa Chlorine or a very effective cleaning agent containing chlorine and oxygen (Delphin Oxi Booster).




PH Balance:

High PH produces poor chlorine disinfection, skin irritation, lime precipitation and turbidity. Low pH gives aggressive water that wears equipment and causes eye and mucous membrane irritation.


Most effective and least expensive. The most common way to dispense it is to use tablets before/after bath. Depending on how much you use your hot tub, you can use shock-chlorine instead of the tablets after usage every two to three weeks. Shock chlorine removes chloramines, (spent chlorine), and other pollutants. It is wise to occasionally drain some water and refill with fresh water.


Should be used if you or anyone in your family has chlorine allergies. It is a little more expensive than chlorine but just as effective as other chlorine-free chemicals. In addition, an advantage to using bromine is that it provides the same disinfection regardless of pH value.

NEVER mix different chemicals in a smaller container. There is no danger when mixed with a few cubic meters of water in your hot tub. Granules and chemicals in powder form can be dissolved in a bucket of hot water before pouring it into the hot tub.

Be sure to shower before using your hot tub. Expect to add 200 times more dirt and bacteria in the  hot tub water if you don’t shower beforehand. You will cause yourself more work, money and headaches if you don’t shower beforehand. It is important to rinse soap, detergent and their residues off your body before entering your hot tub . If you fail to do this the water in your hot tub will begin to produce a white foam that will be difficult to get rid of. You will then have to purchase chemicals to rid yourself of this issue.

Cleaning-free hot tub filters are by far the most user-friendly filters on the market. Who wants to stand in the middle of freezing winters and rinse hot tub filters? These filters remove the smallest of particles so they provide extremely clear water for your hot tub without headaches. There are no filter washing chemicals needed. If using one filter it will last for about 3 months. If you have a dual filtering system filter life is extended to 6 months. This means that an annual filter, (Order 4 pcs – Belala for 3), costs only 1,320 SEK. An excellent price for our best-selling filters. NOTE – Do not use oil-based shovels and never use flocculants. Detergent is not needed because cleaning-free filters remove particles down to 1-5 microns. Compare that with traditional washable filters that can filter down to 20 microns.

Regular water change.

You should change the water in your hot tub 3-4 times a year. Always clean your pipe system while you are changing the water. Start by removing the hot tub filter. Pour the recommended amount of ”Pipe Cleaner” into the existing hot tub water. Turn on the jets and run the entire system for about 10 minutes before draining the old hot tub water. Feel free to take the water hose and rinse out the hard to reach dirt. There are means to clean and polish up the very interior of the bath. You can drop in fresh water, adjust pH and shock chlorine. You have now got a fresh, clean water to enjoy.

Tip 1: When changing filters it is wise to flush out old filters and use them for the first 24 hours. Otherwise, you risk polluting any new filter with residue from the pipes and the biofilm from the fresh water. Tip 2: Be sure to clean the vinyl side of the hot tub cover. Remember to thoroughly rinse the soap residue off your hot tub cover so it does not drain into the hot tub. If not, your water will produce a white foam that will be tough to get rid of. Be sure to spray on Vinyl Cover 303 to give the hot tub cover a longer life.

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