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Article number: 45606

SpaCare pH Up Granular, 1 kg

169,00 kr

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare pH Up Granular to increase the pH value of the bath water. If the water has a pH value below 7.0, we recommend that you use SpaCare pH-Up Granular to raise the pH value. Easy to use.

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pH Up Granular (powder), 1 kg

You use SpaCare pH Up Granular to keep your bath water in balance. It is important that you measure the pH value at regular intervals - preferably at least once a week.
If the water has a pH value below 7.0, we recommend using SpaCare pH-Up Granular to raise the pH value.

Instructions for use SpaCare pH Up Granular:

The pH value is measured with a pool tester/test strips. At pH 7.0-7.4 the water feels nice and comfortable when bathing.
If the pH is below 6.9, add pH Up Granular.
To raise the pH to 0,2 in 1000 litres of water, add 7 g = 10 ml of pH Up.
To raise the pH to 0.6 in 1000 litres of water, add 21 g = 2 x 15 ml of pH Up.

Carefully sprinkle the amount of pH Up to be added to the bath water while the massage pump is on.
After about 3 minutes, take another measurement of the pH value.
Repeat the treatment if necessary by adding another dose of pH Up until the pH is between 7.0 and 7.4.
If you use soft water, such as surface water, it may be necessary to adjust the alkalinity of the bath water with SpaCare Alka Up or SpaCare Calcium Up.

basic advice:

  • When adding new water to your spa, start by measuring the pH balance. Always try to be in the range of 7.0 - 7.4. 
  • Use chlorine as a disinfectant in your spa. Cheapest and best. If you are allergic to chlorine, use Bromine.
  • Do not underdose. Don't be afraid of the chlorine, be afraid of the bacteria. Always dose according to the instructions on the package.
  • Make sure you take a good shower before bathing and thoroughly rinse off any soap residue on your body and swimwear.
  • Feel free to use Cleaning-free spa filters which keeps the water cleaner and makes it easier to care for your spa.
  • Change the water in the spa 3-4 times a year and at the same time clean the pipework with a special "pipe cleaner".
  • When changing the water, it is also advisable to clean the spalocket and treat the vinyl against weather, wind and UV radiation.
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