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Good swimspalock, Sannra™, for many different makes

When winter hits, the swimspalock should insulate effectively and keep your heating costs to a minimum. A thick heavy snow cover should not deform the cover and rainwater should run off. We therefore build our swimspapalock with the utmost care in every detail and for this reason can provide a two-year guarantee.

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How do I find the right swimspalock?

We believe that the best way is to measure your Swimspa, not to measure the old cover. Measure carefully following our instructions and the new swimspa cover will fit perfectly. Keep in mind that an extra centimetre can make the cover a little easier to put on.  Detailed instructions on how to measure can be found here.

Home delivery

We deliver your swimspalock to your home.

Quality through and through

Insulation blocks 5 to 4 inches thick. Unique to our swimspalock is that these slope from long side to long side and therefore give you the highest thermal insulation comparable to traditional swimspalock.

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Spalock 215 x 215 R=15.2 mm Grey for Artesian, Catalina and K-rauta etc.

Key buying tips when shopping for a lid for your swimming pool

Construction details

Thickness of insulation block highest part
The thickness (cut) and high density provide good insulating properties.
5 inches (approx. 127 mm) is a good value, which still keeps the weight of the lid manageable.
Thickness of insulation block lowest part
Should be slightly lower than the highest point to allow for water drainage. 4 inches (approx. 102 mm).
Density of insulation blocks
The higher the density the better. 25 kg / m³ is a good value.
Reinforcement of the centre section
Steel superior to aluminium in strength and torsional rigidity. 2 x galvanised steel U-beam.
Placed by reinforcement
Avoid recessed reinforcements that can easily damage the vapour barrier. Embedded in the insulation block.
Type of vapour barrier
Plastic film coated with aluminium. Superior moisture and chemical barrier. Vacuum bagged, hot welded.
Insulation in the centre joint
Often there are only 2 small cushions at the outer edge of the
the centre joint, which means heat loss.
Case material

Premium marine vinyl
Swedish Guarantee

2 years Guarantee according to specification.
Open purchase

30 days.

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