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A good quality spa filter is the most important part of keeping a spa nice and clean. A spa filter is crucial to the quality and life of the spa water by both removing dirt and purifying the water in the spa. With us, you can find a large selection of filters for most hot tubs, both washable spa filters and cleaning-free spa filters. At you can buy spa filters at a good price and with immediate delivery. 

Find your filter in 3 steps

Find your spa filter in 3 easy steps

Here is how to proceed:
If you know your article number, you only need to complete step 1. If not, go directly to steps 2 and 3 which you can do separately but also combine to best find your filter for your spa.

1. article number

Enter the part number found on your old spa filter.

2. manufacturer, series and model

Select the manufacturer of your spa. Select any series and then the model.

3. Select a connection

Select the connection for your spa filter by clicking on the images.

Fine thread Fine thread
Coarse thread Coarse thread
Open hole Open hole
Internal thread Internal thread
Special Special


Always at Kuben - Buy 4 spa filters pay for 3

Find the right spa filter:

  • Search for your spa in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Check your old filter for an item number, search for it in the search box at the top of the page.
  • Measure the connection of your filter, select the correct connection above. Find a filter that fits in your filter container.
         Watch our video on the right for more information.

Watch our video below to find the right spa filter for your spa.

Play Video about Measuring Spafilter

Spafilter mechanically removes particles that contaminate bathing water.

Spafilters are available as washable lamella filters and as cleanable Spafilters. The function is similar. The filter removes undesirable particles from the spa water. Skin, hair, makeup, pollen are examples of particles that deteriorate your spa water. Chlorine and other disinfectants remove the bacterial contaminants. Microns are used as a measure of filtration efficiency. A micron, µ, is one millionth of a meter, or 1 thousandth of a millimeter. The cleaning-free spa filters are more effective at removing small particles down to 1-5 microns. A new washable lamella filter is capable of filtering particles down to 20 microns.
Filters for hot tubs, Spa filters

NOTE! Always remove the spa filter when cleaning the pipe system.

Washable polyester lamella filter (blue top and bottom)

The traditional cartridge filter for pools and spas is the pleated, pleated, lamella filter, which is loaded into a filter container. This type of filter is used to remove organic compounds in the water. A commonly used filter brand is called Pleatco. Pleated in English means pleated. Washable pleated filters, made of polyester, remove contaminants down to a size of 20 microns in bathing water. A sand filter is capable of removing contaminants as large as 40 microns.

Clean and rinse your spa filter at least every 14 days. - Use a spa filter designed for detergents which dissolves grease and other contaminants without damaging the filter media and solder. First, roughly rinse the filter and then place it completely in hot water dosed with filter cleaner according to the instructions for use. Leave the filter in place for at least 12 hours before rinsing away the dirt and detergent.

We recommend having two sets of filters for easy and efficient management.

The filter should be changed at least every 12 months to maintain filtration capacity. A poorly cleaned filter can cause both equipment and water quality problems. It doesn't hurt to change the spa filter earlier before 12 months of use. This rule was designed for pool water and a filter has a much harder life in a spa. If you change it in time, you will save on other equipment and get better water.

Cleaning-free spa filters

Cleaning-free filters, are made of many layers of polypropylene. The cleaning-free spa filters are white with a gray bottom and top. 

No cleaning - No filter chemicals - Clearer bathing water. You will simply experience a clearer and cleaner water than with traditional lamella filters. This at an inexpensive price while the work effort regarding filter maintenance will be non-existent.

The cleaning-free filter from Sannra™ consists of spun plastic, porous polypropylene, (the same material used in pet bottles). The bath water is filtered each time it passes through the filter, with each layer capturing smaller and smaller particles. This is not a new filter, but these filters have been sold as "originals" in the US, Canada and Europe for Arctic, Astral and as an addition to Sundance Spas.

We have manufactured new bottom connections, so that we can deliver to many different brands of hot tubs. In recent years, we have sold a lot of this type of filter and people are generally very satisfied and buy the same filter again.

Should be changed every three months for normal bathing.

If you bathe often and frequently, the filter must be changed more often. If you use two filters, change them every 6 months, etc.

Never use flocculants (Clarifier, Bright&Clear, Gentle Clarifier) with these filters. The filters naturally remove small particles which, in turn, cause cloudy water.

Never flush spa filters with high pressure.

Do not use oil-based fragrances that clog all types of filters.

We recommend that you use an old clean filter for 24 hours after changing the water and cleaning the pipes. There are usually small particles in the new water and there may be residues from the pipe cleaning that will shorten the life of the filter.

General filtration capacity of different types of filters and spa filters:

Sand filters. Removes particles down to 30 - 40 microns

Washable polyester lamella filter. Removes particles down to 10-20 microns.

Non-cleaning polypropylene spa filters, Filters out particles down to 1-5 microns. Thus, this is the highest performing type of spa filter for spa water treatment in terms of filtration capacity. The result will be noticeable in the form of clearer and cleaner bathing water.

No cleaning 

After 3 months of normal bathing, simply discard the spa filter and insert a new one. If your bath is equipped with two spa filters, change both after 5-6 months instead. With normal bathing, 4 spa filters are enough for about a year.

Never again do you have to wash dirty filters every two weeks to get them clean from dirt and grease! If you bathe often and frequently, the filter needs to be changed more often. As usual, it is extremely important to shower before bathing.

As mentioned, never use flocculants (Clarifier, Bright&Clear, Gentle Clarifier) with these filters. The filters naturally remove small particles that cause cloudy water without you having to pay extra for it. Also, don't use oil-based fragrances that unnecessarily clog all kinds of filters.

Are filter chemicals needed together with cleaning-free Spafilter from Sannra™?

The answer is no. You no longer need to buy chemicals to clean your spa filters. The money and time you used to spend on this unpleasant task can be used for other purposes in the future. Even your own time spent on filter cleaning, when using traditional lamella filters for hot tubs, can suddenly be spent on more pleasant and enjoyable activities.

Need for maintenance?  

Basically no need at all.

The filters are made of spun plastic, polypropylene, which has been treated to be antibacterial. The manufacturing process can be likened to making cotton candy where thin strands are formed layer by layer. All these layers give the filter an accumulated very large 'surface area' that can absorb dirt. The same type of filter is used in mouth guards.

No cleaning, i.e. no filter washes and no filter chemicals. Just change the spa filter and you're done. It's quick and easy to get better, clearer water.

We recommend using an old rinsed filter for 24 hours after changing the water and cleaning the pipes.

There are usually small particles in the new water and there may be residues from the cleaning process that will shorten the life of the filter.

Read more about our Sannra spa filters at

Sannra spa filter - experience the difference with the Sannra spa filter.

Duration - Easier cleaning - Exceptional performance manufactures its Sannra spa filters exclusively with a global and world-leading manufacturer that maintains the highest quality of filters and...
filter media. Research and development budgets are simply highest among the largest manufacturers, who therefore lead the development of spa filters.
which ensures that always has the opportunity to sell products to the end consumer that contain the latest technology for the best results. Good products, at a good price and without middlemen!

Sannra filters has an excellent ability to effectively filter the water and is based on a filter media that we believe has a superior thickness and rigidity, allowing it to withstand many cleanings compared to low-quality alternatives on the market.

High-performance filtration fabric / so-called filter media

The filters are manufactured in a very uniform material which allows for an easy regurgitation process and thorough cleaning.

Trilobala fibers

As an example, the filter media contains trilobal fibers which provide 21-40% larger and efficient area filtering compared to competing products. The triobal shape also creates an enhanced ability for the filter to capture unwanted particles from the water, which is the primary purpose of a spa filter.

Cleaning of filters

Cleaning the filters is important. The spa filters and filtration play a crucial role in providing clean and fine spa water along with the chemicals. The logic is simply that the more the filter pump is running, the cleaner the water you get.

You should therefore clean the dirty filter cartridge at regular intervals. To do this, remove the filter from the container and rinse off any visible dirt between the lamellae. After rinsing, place the filter cartridge in a container and add filter cleaner according to the dosage instructions on the package.

After soaking in the solution for at least 12 hours, remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly under clean water. Now you have a cleaned spa filter ready for use.

* Ensure that the filter pump runs for the number of hours specified by the manufacturer. Usually this is the factory setting but depending on how much the holder of the
the spa is bathing, the filtration cycle can advantageously be adjusted. Contact the supplier of the spa to find out the facts about your particular model or
the answers can be found in the manual.

* A filter that is too dirty will not work. It is therefore recommended that you have at least 2 filters at home "in stock" meaning that you always have a working one that can be used when the other one is being cleaned.

* How often should the filter be cleaned? There is no exact answer. Cleaning intervals are dependent on the amount of load and use of the spa, such as
is present. However, a rule of thumb is to try to clean the spa filter at least once a month.

Quick cleaning of washable filters:

Flush the filter so that the water enters properly into the folds of the spa filter. Connect the garden hose to filter washing. Distribute Delphin spa filter cleaner evenly across the spa filter.

Then let it work for 10 minutes before washing the filter with the waterwand with the water turned on in the hose.

Estelle Filter cleaner

Clean your filter in one minute!

If you don't have a filter cleaner like this, this is usually done with a garden hose in combination with a filter spray as described above. The dirty water often sprays uncontrollably in all directions. Estelle's spa filter cleaning system can help you wash your filter quickly, easily and in an environmentally friendly way without chemicals. you can use Estelle's cleaning system to clean spa filters without splashing! Estelle can be easily cleaned anywhere - in the garage, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the basement.

Insert the filter cartridge to be cleaned into the cleaning device and connect it to a water connection via a hose. Open the tap. The dirty cartridge filter is set in rotation by the water jet. The dirt is flushed out by the directed jet between the lamellae and thrown away by centrifugal force. You can change the direction of rotation with the rotary knob on the side to rinse the spa filter thoroughly from both sides. The large, transparent housing protects you from dirt and water splashes. This allows you to clean the filter cartridge in the bathroom, basement or garage. The dirty water can be drained through the integrated drain.

The cartridge filter is thoroughly cleaned for about one minute and then clean again.

Impact of spa filters on equipment

As you know, it is very important to keep track of the different values in your bathing water. If the wrong values are present, you risk, in addition to an unhealthy
water to bathe in, also an increased risk of wear and tear on the different parts of the spa. Often, the warranty on the spa will not be valid if it is found that
incorrect values of the spa water have occurred. See our FAQ or care instructions page for tips on how to keep water quality high.

The function of the spa filter and filtration on a spa is the most vital for achieving good water quality. The pumps of a spa
are relatively durable and strong. But there is a limit to how much clogged filters the pumps can handle before breaking down from overloading.
Purchasing and installing a new pump is obviously a very unpleasant cost. Therefore, minimize the risk of this mishap by continuously
clean your washable filters (at least once a month as a minimum) alt. Also, do not use our cleaning-free spa filters for much longer than what is required.
is recommended (if you have 1 filter - 3 months, 2 filters about 6 months). It is also worth noting that a clean person pollutes 200 times less than a
a person who does not wash off before bathing in the spa. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that it is wise to shower before jumping into the spa,
it will help to reduce the need for filter changes or cleaning of the spa filters.

Recycling of spa filters

When we recycle, we reduce the consumption of our natural resources. In addition to saving energy and reducing emissions and pollution, recycling helps us save important raw materials and protect natural habitats for animals, plants and insects. Given these conditions, it is obvious that we spa-loving people must also do our part in recycling consumables such as spa filters and other spa accessories. Our hot tub filters are made of polypropylene and polyester and consist of recyclable plastic. Please contact your local recycling center in order to ensure how the hot tub filters should be sorted in the recycling station near you. We have noticed that different instructions may exist from the local recycling centers. 

Spafilter with the right bottom connection and the filter fits the container, then the filtration works perfectly.

Measure the diameter of the thread and choose the closest dimension (1-2 mm difference does not matter).

Select an option below

Spafilter with the right bottom connection and the filter fits the container, then the filtration works perfectly.

Measure the diameter of the thread and choose the closest dimension (1-2 mm difference does not matter).


Select an option below

Spafilter with the right bottom connection and the filter fits the container, then the filtration works perfectly.

Open hole spa filters - select connection diameter

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