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Article number: 140508

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Spa filters for Arctic, Swebad and Svenska Bad etc.

Corresponds to Darlly: 40508, SC757 Unicel: 4CH-949 Filbur: FC-0172 Pleatco: PWW50L Svenska Bad: BEL-FIL3.

440,00 kr

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Buy 4 and pay only for 3


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Spa filters with the highest filtration capacity from Sannra make spa bathing easy and comfortable! Filters are the basis for cleaning the spa water so it is important to have a good spa filter that removes organic material from the water. Our Sannra filters are designed for the best filtration performance with a filter material of Trilobala polyester fibres of the highest quality.

A clogged filter limits the filtration of the water and impairs purification. To ensure good water quality, it is therefore important to clean both the spa and the filter regularly. Filters should be changed at least every 12 months.

The diameter of the connection (thread) may differ slightly between manufacturers, 1-2 mm difference is not significant. Once you have found the right connection (thread), the filter itself can vary in size both in diameter and length. It works as long as it fits in the filter container.

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More information on hot tub filters

Effective bath water cleaning with Sannra spa filter

Traditional hot tub filters consist of filter material that is folded (pleated) around the filter. The material is pleated around the filter to allow a larger area of material to fit around the filter. The tighter the pleats, the larger the surface area of the filter.

The material of our Sannra filters for hot tubs is made of Trilobal polyester fibre. The three-sided Trilobal shape makes the filter significantly more efficient than filters with traditional fibres, as the effective surface area of the filter is increased by the three-sided shape. The shape itself also makes the material more effective in absorbing particles.

Cleaning of spa filters

To maintain the efficiency of the filter, it needs to be cleaned, otherwise it becomes clogged and stops the flow in the bath. If less water is circulating, it will not be cleaned as effectively. The Trilobala fibres in the filter material of our Sannra spa filters allow dirt to be released more easily during cleaning.

Clean and rinse your spa filter at least every 14 days.  The filters are cleaned by rinsing them with water. At regular intervals, also clean them with Filter Cleaner which dissolves grease and other contaminants without damaging the filter media or solder. Want more tips on how to clean your filters: Click here!

We recommend having two sets of filters for easy and efficient management.

Even if you clean your spa filters, some dirt remains in them, it builds up over time and clogs the filters. This is why you need to change them regularly. How often you need to change them depends on how well you take care of the filters. A good rule of thumb is to change filters every 12 months.


Weight 0,940 kg
Equivalent to Darlly

40508, SC757

Equivalent to Pleatco


Equivalent to Unicel


Equivalent to Filbur


Equivalent to Svenska Bad


Filter length


Filter diameter




Bottom connection

Internal thread

Connection Ø

42 mm

Type of filter


Packaging size

Piece by piece

Norrland pool

NP-8520, NP-8878, Venus, Escape Duo, Mars

Comfort Garden

Galaxy, Venus

North Pole


Svenska Bad

Dallas, Dallas XL, Kebnekaise, Reykjavik, Saltlake




Darlly40508, SC757
Svenska BadBEL-FIL3

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Comfort GardenGalaxy, Venus
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Norrland poolNP-8520, NP-8878, Venus, Escape Duo, Mars
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