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SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner - Best Pipe Cleaner - 500ml

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Use Biofilm Cleaner for clean, crystal clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

Cleaning of the spa:

  • Remove the filter from the spa. At the same time, clean it with Filter cleaner
  • Pour in Biofilmcleaner to clean the pipework.
  • Empty the bath and use SpaClean Spray to clean the acrylic.
  • Finish by treating the acrylics with Beauty Polish to preserve the surface.
  • Refill the bath, starting by filling via the filter tank to avoid air pockets in the pipework.
  • Replace the filter and balance the water (alkalinity and pH) have in disinfectant.


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SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner.

We think you should choose SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner to clean the pipework in your spa. Very effective agent that ensures that you can swim safely.

There are over 100 metres of hoses and pipes in a modern outdoor hot tub. If these hoses are not kept clean from biofilms and bacteria, it is not possible to maintain a satisfactory water quality in the spa.

SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner is like a liquid scrubbing brush that effectively removes bacterial biofilms from the spa's pipes. Treat the bath with Biofilm Cleaner when changing the water and repeat this 3-4 times a year.

Instructions for use:

Before cleaning, remove all spa filters from the filter container and make sure that the bath is full of water above the nozzles. This means using your used bath water for cleaning. Then add a full bottle (500 ml) of Biofilm Cleaner for cleaning baths with 1000-3000 litres. Start the water circulation and then all the massage pumps and run through all the nozzles for about 15 minutes. After this, when you have finished cleaning, empty the tub of water. Then fill with clean rinse water and start the pumps again and run them for 1-2 minutes. Once you have done this, it is time to drain the rinse water again. Insert a new or cleaned filter cartridge and then the bath can be filled with clean water and disinfectant.

As a result of your work, you now have clean, crystal clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

Safety data sheet: SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner

Tips and advice

When you add new water to your spa, start by measuring the pH balance.
Always try to stay in the range of 7.0 - 7.4

  • A high pH value results in poor chlorine disinfection, skin irritation, limescale and turbidity.
  • Low pH results in aggressive water that wears out equipment and irritates eyes and mucous membranes.

Always start with shock chlorination. Appropriate shock chlorination is (di-)chlorine powder which is SpaCare Mini Chlorine. An excellent option is Delphin Oxi booster which consists of di-chlorine powder and some oxygen. The combination gives a very good result

Chlorine - Bromine

Use chlorine as a disinfectant in your spa. Cheapest and best.
If there is a chlorine allergy, use Bromine.
Do not underdose. Don't be afraid of the chlorine, be afraid of the bacteria.
Always dose according to the instructions on the pack.

Make sure you shower properly before bathing and thoroughly rinse off any soap residue on your body and swimwear.
An unshowered person brings 200 times more pollution into the spa than a showered person.

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