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Estelle filter cleaner for spa filters

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Stock balance: 5+

Estelle Filter Cleaner

Clean your filter in one minute!

If the spa filter is dirty, it must be cleaned. If you do not have a filter cleaner like this, this is usually done with a garden hose in combination with a filter spray. The dirty water often sprays uncontrollably in all directions. Estelle's spa filter cleaning system can help you wash the filter quickly, easily and in an environmentally friendly way without chemicals.

Insert the filter cartridge to be cleaned into the cleaning device and connect it to a water connection via a hose. Open the tap. The dirty cartridge filter is set in rotation by the water jet. The dirt is flushed out by the directed jet between the lamellae and thrown away by centrifugal force. You can change the direction of rotation with the rotary knob on the side to rinse the spa filter thoroughly from both sides. The large, transparent housing protects you from dirt and water splashes. This allows you to clean the filter cartridge in the bathroom, basement or garage. The dirty water can be drained through the integrated drain.

The cartridge filter is thoroughly cleaned for about one minute and then clean again.

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Now you can use the Estelle cleaning system to clean spa filters without splashing! Estelle can be easily cleaned anywhere - in the garage, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the basement.


Effective and water-saving cleaning of spa filters
Clean filter cartridges with water pressure and centrifugal force
Cover hood prevents water splashing
Works without detergents
Estelle filter cleaner is light and easy to use
For spa filters up to 30 cm high and 22 cm in diameter
Suitable for spa filters with thread or holes
If the spa filter is heavily polluted with grease or oil, we recommend treatment with filter cleaner beforehand.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 300 cm

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