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Article number: 160403

440,00 kr

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Spa Filter Bottom part 2/2 filter for Elite Spa, Fonteyn Spas and Alps Spas etc.

Equivalent to Darlly: 60403, SC737 Unicel: 6CH-942 Pleatco: PWW100

440,00 kr

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Buy 4 and pay only for 3


This is the bottom part of the filter, to be used together with the top part. 160402

To see which other hot tubs this filter is suitable for, among others: Click here!

Filter material made of the highest quality Trilobala polyester fibres. The diameter of the connection (thread) may differ slightly between different manufacturers, 1-2 mm difference is not significant. If you have found the right connection (thread), the filter itself can vary in size both in diameter and length. Length 208 mm, diameter 148 mm and the bottom connection is rough thread of 49mm. It works as long as it fits in the filter container. Fast deliveries! Order already today!

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More information about Spafilter Bottom part 2/2 filter for Elite Spas, Fonteyn Spas and Alps Spas etc.

Spa filters with the highest filter capacity from make spa bathing easy and comfortable!

The filter is compatible with many different spa models. See the complete list below. This spa filter is suitable for popular spas such as Elite Spa, Fonteyn Spas and Alps Spas, Superior Spa, Haven spa and others. Length 208 mm, diameter 148 mm and the bottom connection is coarse thread of 49mm.

Traditional hot tub filters consist of filter material that is folded (pleated) around the filter. The material is pleated around the filter to allow a larger area of material to fit around the filter. The tighter the pleats, the larger the surface area of the filter. The shape itself also makes the material more efficient at absorbing particles.

Clean and rinse your spa filter at least every 14 days.  The filters are cleaned by rinsing them with water. At regular intervals, also clean them with Filter Cleaner which dissolves grease and other contaminants without damaging the filter media or solder. Want more tips on how to clean your filters: Click here! A good rule of thumb is to change the filters completely and buy new ones every 12 months.

We recommend having two sets of filters for easy and efficient management.

Replaces and corresponds to Darlly: 60403, SC737 Unicel6CH-942 PleatcoPWW100. If you are unsure which filter to use, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service and we will help you. 

Weight 0,7000 kg
Equivalent to Darlly

60403, SC737

Filter length


Equivalent to Pleatco


Equivalent to Unicel


Filter diameter



Open 45 mm

Bottom connection

Coarse thread

Connection Ø

49 mm

Type of filter


Filter area

50 sqft



Darlly60403, SC737

Suitable for, among other things:

Even if your model is not listed, it may fit. Always check the size.

Fonteyn Spas
Harbour Spas
Leisurerite Spas
Phoenix Spas
Superior Spa
Alps spas
Bauhaus spa
Dimension One
Elite Spa
Sunbelt Spas

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The bottom part is used together with this top part

To get a complete filter you need both the bottom part you ordered and this top part.