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Open buy 30 days

According to the Distance Trading Act, the customer has 14 days’ right of withdrawal from the day the goods were delivered.
We are very confident in the
 products we sell. Therefore, we allow open buy for 30 days. The right of withdrawal includes all products, except specially ordered hot tub covers.

Right of return and returns

 If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal and return your purchased items the items must be unused and in the product’s original packaging. NOTE: Customer is responsible for return shipping charges. Please avoid placing tape directly on the original packaging.

If the returned product is used, damaged or does not meet our product guidelines we retain the right to deduct from the refund to cover any loss. Please pack your return in a way that prevents cargo damage from occurring during transport.

We do not replace products that have been damaged during return shipping.
Returns cannot be sent to Post Office/Postclaim. Returns must go directly to Exacta Distribution Center – NOT for agents.

The return address is:

Exacta Distribution Center
Lundåsvägen 10
763 30 Hallstavik

Attach a copy of the order form/receipt with a brief description of the issue with the product/purchase. If you want a new product you must place a new order. The return is credited separately.

If you would like to contact us regarding your return please call 010-207 45 02 or email us at order.hallstavik@exacta-dc.se

ALWAYS enter your order number and attach a copy of the order or invoice.

After the return has been received and approved the refund will be made within thirty (30) days of the day we received the product.

RETURN SHIPPING NOTE: Do not forget to specify that the package should be shipped to the company.

Package returns can be ordered directly online. For example,

Schenker  Click here for link

PostNord Click here for a link


If a product differs from the agreement between you and Vagnerpool or does not fit the description of the product given by Vagnerpool the item can be returned. Only original errors are covered by the right of complaint. For example, the right of complaint does not cover errors caused by normal wear and tear. Complaints to Vagnerpool should be made within a reasonable time. No later than 2 months.

For complaints please contact customer service at 010-207 45 02 or email us at order.hallstavik@exacta-dc.se

Please enter your order number for faster service.

In order for us to process a possible return/complaint you need to be able to prove your purchase.
Vagnerpool recommends that you save order confirmation and payment reference as receipt for your purchase.

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