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Article number: 999925

Dosage float for Chlorine and Bromine tablets

179,00 kr

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Spa bromine/chlorine metering float

Holds about 7 20 gram tablets.

Dosage: For long-term disinfection: add 1 - 7 tablets to a dosing float (Spa chlorine/bromine dosing float), set the opening of the float so that enough water flows into it to release enough chlorine into the water until the desired values are reached. The dosing float is filled with new tablets as needed. Always remove the float when bathing. In addition to long-term disinfection, a shock treatment with Spa Chlorine should be carried out regularly and at least every two weeks.

Ideal for use with slow-acting chlorine tablets such as SpaCare Tab Twenty.

Suitable for both pool and spa.

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