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Popular protective and insulating cover for spalock - multiple sizes

1 290,00 kr

This protective cover is designed to preserve your spa and its cover from the elements that can occur outdoors. It not only improves insulation but also protects against the elements.

The cover is made of a breathable, lightweight polyester that is water resistant, effectively reducing condensation. It is equipped with drawstrings at the bottom for easy adjustment, and a practical storage bag is included with purchase.

The cover is available in several sizes to fit different hot tubs. It is important to choose a cover that fits snugly but also allows for air circulation around the lid.

The height of the protective cover is 25 cm.

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Handling of the protective cover for the spalock.

The cover should fit well around the lid but not too tightly, there must be some room for air around it, it must not be close to the lid. If you have a lid lift, it usually provides a good gap between the spalock and the cover. If you do not have a lid lift, you can put something on the lid that creates a gap between the spalock and the cover, be careful and do not use anything that can damage the lid.

Wash the cover with water and a soft sponge if it has become dirty.

When not in use, it is best to store the cover in the bag provided. Make sure it is dry when you put it in the storage bag.

Weight 2 kg

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