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SpaCare Foam Down

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Stock balance: 5+

Do you find that foam forms on the surface of the water? Then Spacare Foam Down can be used to remove mainly soap residues and cosmetics and get rid of the annoying foam.

Best used in conjunction with spray nozzle

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Foam Down, defoamer

If you have a layer of foam on your bath water, SpaCare Foam Down can solve the problem. The foam occurs as a result of cosmetics and soap residues being added to the bath. Thus, it is very important that you can explain to bathers that they should shower off soap residues and swimwear before bathing.

If you still get foam in the bath, you can remedy this with SpaCare Foam Down. You should add 25-50 ml of the defoamer above the water surface while the spa is in operation.

You can use SpaCare Foam Down every time you feel the need.

SpaCare Foam Down

Instructions for use

You should clean the dirty filter cartridge at regular intervals. Remove the filter from the container and rinse off any visible dirt that you see between the lamellae. After flushing, place the filter cartridge in a container and add SpaCare Filter Cleaner according to the dosage instructions on the packaging.
After soaking in the solution for at least 12 hours, remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly under clean water. Now you have a cleaned spa filter ready for use.

Filter cartridges

For your daily operation of the spa, you can advantageously have double filters. This allows you to quickly switch to clean filters. When using one cartridge as a filter, make sure to clean the other filter. After a week of use as a filter, the dirty cartridge is replaced by the clean cartridge in the cleaning tube, but it is clear that depending on how often you bathe, the need for you to change filters may vary.

Recommended values

You should therefore be careful with the dosage and you should also check and adjust the chlorine, pH and alkali levels regularly to the recommended values:
Chlorine content 1,0-3,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.

Regularly checking and regulating the pH value in your pool is therefore of great importance for the quality of your bathing water. An excellent and affordable digital measuring instrument is Scuba 2.

Maintenance procedures

You need to maintain your hot tub and Spacare has a very good set of instructions, click here.

Shock chlorination

When using SpaCare products in your spa, you can add SpaCare MiniChlor or SpaChock at any time for shock chlorination and as a result you have clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

If you want to read more about care advice for hot tubs then click here.

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