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SpaCare No Scale prevents limescale and Ocra in hot tubs

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare No Scale helps you if your water is rich in calcium and iron and has a too high pH value. SpaCare No Scale reduces the risk of lime and metals precipitating and forming calcareous or ferrous deposits in your spa.




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SpaCare No Scale 500 ml

SpaCare No Scale is used if you have calcareous water and a too high pH value. You should therefore add No Scale to prevent unwanted precipitation of lime and ochre in your bath water. Excellent for use in areas with "hard" and iron-rich water or where the pH is high.

Instructions for use SpaCare No Scale

When you are adding new water to your spa, take the opportunity to add 50 ml of No Scale per 1000 litres of water. SpaCare No ScaleYou can then maintain the dosage with 25 ml once a week.

Recommended values

You should therefore pay close attention to the dosage of spa chemicals and you should also regularly check and adjust the chlorine, pH and alkali levels to the recommended values:
Chlorine content 1,0-3,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.

Maintenance procedures

Add 25 ml of SpaCare No Scale every week to prevent lime or iron deposits in your spa.

Spacare has a very good instruction on maintenance procedures, click here.

Shock chlorination

When using SpaCare products in your spa, you can add SpaCare MiniChlor or SpaChock at any time for shock chlorination and as a result you have clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

If you want to read more about care advice for hot tubs then click here.


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