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SpaCare Cover Protect

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare Cover Protect is used to impregnate your spa cover, after cleaning with SpaCare Cover Cleaner. An excellent product to protect your spa cover against UV light and dirt.

Cover Protect should be sprayed on the lid, if you don't already have a spray nozzle, you can buy one here: Spray nozzle for SpaCare

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Cover Protect

When caring for and treating your spa lid, you should use the SpaCare Cover Protect because
Cover Protect is an agent that seals and protects the vinyl on your spalock. As a result of the treatment, you get a glossy surface that effectively protects against dirt and counteracts the harmful UV effects of sunlight. As a result of your work, you get a spalock that lasts longer.

Instructions for use

But before using Cover Protect, clean the lid with Cover Cleaner and then treat the lid with Cover Protect after shaking the bottle thoroughly. spacar small logoSpread Cover Protect over the surface to be protected and then polish in the agent with a dry microfibre cloth.

Cover Protect should be stored frost-free and, like all spa chemicals, out of the reach of children, right?

Recommended values

You should therefore pay close attention to the dosage and also regularly check and adjust the chlorine, pH and alkali levels to the following recommended values:
Chlorine content 1,0-3,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.


You change the bathing water regularly and at the same time you clean the spa both inside and outside. For the inside, you use SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner to clean the built-in pipework. Repeat this 3-4 times a year. Remember to replace the filters after cleaning or clean them thoroughly, but it is not only the bath that needs care. Clean your spa lid with Cover Cleaner and seal the lid with SpaCare Cover Protect.

Daily maintenance 

For the daily operation of the spa, you can advantageously have double filters. This means that you can quickly switch to clean filters. When using one cartridge as a filter, thoroughly clean the other filter with Filter Cleaner. After 1-2 weeks of use as a filter, replace the dirty cartridge with the clean cartridge in the cleaning tube.

Maintenance procedures

You have to maintain your spa and Spacare has a very good instruction manual that you can read, if you click here.
For more information on care advice for hot tubs from, you will find if you click here.

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