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Spakemi Delphin Spa Gentle Clarifier 1 litre Flocculants

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Stock balance: 5+

Flocculant Gentle Clarifier

A new flocculant made from sustainable raw materials and fully biodegradable. The flocs formed are stable and easy to remove. Thanks to this property, the product is particularly suitable for hot tubs with cartridge filters.

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Flocculants Spa Gentle Clarifier

If you have a cloudy bathing water, the Gentle Clarifier flocculant can solve the problem. To ensure that your bathing water is not cloudy due to high pH, measure the pH value before using Gentle Clarifier.


Once you have identified the problem, you can fix it. Small particles such as skin, poChemoform Delphin 1.jpglles, seeds and similar particles can be so small that they pass through filters without being collected. The flocculant causes the particles to stick to the filter, making the water clear and clean.

You therefore add 50 ml of Gentle Clarifier per 1000 litres of water per week, resulting in clear bathing water. If the water starts to become cloudy again, add a dose of 100 ml per 1000 litres of water.

Important to clean filters after flocculants.

After flocculation with Gentle Clarifier, it is important to clean the filter cartridges. Remove the filter from the container and rinse off any visible dirt that you see between the lamellae. After rinsing, place the filter cartridge in a container and add the Filter Cleaner according to the dosage instructions on the package.
After soaking in the solution for at least 12 hours, remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly under clean water. Now you have a cleaned spa filter ready for use.

For your daily operation of the spa, you can advantageously have double filters. This allows you to quickly switch to clean filters. When using one cartridge as a filter, make sure to clean the other filter.

Ph Value is important

The pH value is measured with a pool tester/test strips. At pH 7.0-7.4, the water feels nice and comfortable when bathing. If the pH is below 6.9, add pH up. Carefully sprinkle the amount of granules to be added to the bath water while the massage pump is on.
After about 3 minutes, take another measurement of the pH value.
Repeat the treatment if necessary by adding another dose of pH Up until the pH is between 7.0 and 7.4.
If the pH is above 7.4, use pH minus with the same method as described above.

Recommended values

You should therefore pay close attention to the dosage and also regularly check and adjust the bromine, pH and alkali levels to the recommended values:
Bromine 2,0-4,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.


You change the bathing water regularly and at the same time you clean the spa. You should use Delphin Spa Pipe Cleaner to clean the built-in pipe system. You do this 3-4 times a year. After cleaning, you take the opportunity to change the filters or clean them thoroughly. After this work, it is time to fill up with new bath water that you shock treat with Oxi Booster or Spa Shock.

Maintenance procedures

For more spa care advice, see if you click here.

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Algae and flocculation

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