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Spakemi Dolphin Spa Hardness Up 1kg

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Stock balance: 5+

Adjust to the right water hardness with the Spa Hardness Up for an optimal bathing experience.

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Dolphin Spa Hardness Up

You use Spa Hardness Up if you want to increase the calcium hardness of the bath water because you have "soft water". As a result of increasing the hardness, the risk of corrosion of the metal parts of the bath is reduced. Water hardness is mainly determined by minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The ideal total hardness is 150 - 250 mg/l. Water with a very low hardness level can be very aggressive.

Spa Hardness Up adds calcium to the water, thus increasing the hardness level and ensuring an even level of hardness in the water.

Instructions for use

Before dosing, first measure the hardness of the water. If you need to adjust, first dissolve the Hardness Up in a bucket of water. Chemoform Delphin 1Add 10 grams of Spa Hardness Up per 1000 litres of bath water to increase the value by 10 ppm. Distribute the indicated amount of Hardness Up in the water. After dosing, test the hardness again after 30 minutes and if you are not satisfied, dose again.

Clean filter cartridges often or buy Cleaning-free filters

You should clean the dirty filter cartridge at regular intervals. Remove the filter from the container and rinse off any visible dirt that you see between the lamellae. After flushing, place the filter cartridge in a container and add filter cleaner according to the dosage instructions on the packaging.
After soaking in the solution for at least 12 hours, remove the filter and rinse it thoroughly under clean water. Now you have a cleaned spa filter ready for use.

Recommended values

You should therefore be careful with the dosage and you should also check and adjust the chlorine, pH and alkali levels regularly to the recommended values:
Chlorine content 1.0-3.0 mg/l
pH value 7.0-7.4
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l


You change the bathing water regularly and at the same time you clean the spa. You should use Delphin Spa Pipe Cleaner to clean the built-in pipe system. You do this 3-4 times a year. After cleaning, you take the opportunity to change the filters or clean them thoroughly. After this work, it is time to fill up with new bath water that you shock treat with Oxi Booster or Spa Shock.

Maintenance procedures

For more spa care advice, see if you click here.

Weight 1 kg


pH, Alka, Calcium

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