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Blue Connect Calibration Kit

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Stock balance: 5+

Blue Connect Calibration Kit


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Connect Calibration Kit

The Blue Connect Calibration Kit is used before a new season or after about one year of operation.

In the app, you will find "Calibration" and instructions on how to calibrate your Blue Connect.

You can also watch this video on how to use the Blue Connect Calibration Kit.

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Blue Connect is a product from Riiot Labs. Blue Connect Battery

You can click here to visit their website.

Blue Connect also consists of these products:

Blue Connect Go

Connect Go measures and analyses your bath water that you treat with chlorine or bromine. The warranty is 2 years. You retrieve data at the bath with Bluetooth and receive measurement values and, if necessary, advice on what and how much to adjust.

Blue Connect Plus

The Plus measures and analyses with high precision values such as the amount of salt in the water, the pH value, the disinfection level with chlorine or bromine (ORP) and the water temperature. If you buy this Connect Plus, the Premium app for your mobile phone is included at no extra cost. The Plus includes Sigfox which is a mobile network developed in France for sensors that send data over long distances. If you have Sigfox coverage, you don't need a regular internet connection. The data is collected in the cloud and you can easily view and manage the data. NOTE! However, Sigfox has limited coverage in Sweden. You can check out this coverage map.

Mobile phone app

The standard app for iPhone and Android is free and can be found in the apps. Premium is included in Blue Connect Plus but can also be purchased within the standard app. But then you must first have installed a WiFi Extender so you have a connection to your WiFi network.

Wifi Extender

The Wifi Extender is needed to connect your Connect Go and Plus to your WiFi network.

Blue Connect Battery

Replacement battery for Connect Go and Plus. You can't charge the battery, but you replace it after about one year of normal use.
Tip! Blue connect updates the measurement values 2 times per day, which is sufficient. Every time you manually update the values, the battery is charged.

Sensor PT

Sensor for Connect Go. Warranty 2 years. To be calibrated before each season.

Sensor Au

This sensor fits the Blue Connect Plus for salt. Warranty 2 years. To be calibrated before each season

Fit 50

Drilling bracket Ø 50 mm for mounting Blue Connect in the installation's pipework. Included if you have purchased Connect Plus.

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