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Delphin Flockfix Liquid 3 L

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Delphin Flockfix Liquid 3 L

Flockfix Liquid is a flocculant from Delphin that helps clarify your cloudy water.

It binds particles and dirt so that the filter can capture them more easily.

Delphin Flockfix Liquid 3 L

Specialised solid product for the control of turbid water.

Improves the capacity of the sand filter by binding dirt particles into a larger mass.

General Management

The basis of good bathing water is the mechanical purification of the water. Make sure to clean the pool often and backwash the filter once a week (more often if necessary).

1. Keep the pool filter clean. The pool's filter system is essential for good water quality. Clean the filter regularly. A sand filter needs regular backwashing and the filter sand should be changed every two years. If you have a cartridge filter, clean the cartridges or replace them regularly. For cleaning filter cartridges and filter sand, use DELPHIN Filter Cleaner.

2. remove coarse dirt. Use a surface water or bottom bucket to remove coarse dirt. Clean the bottom of the pool with a bottom vacuum or pool robot.

3. remove grease streaks and oil or soot contamination. These contaminants are usually found at the waterline. They are best cleaned with DELPHIN Cleaner Gel and an edge cleaning sponge. Leave the gel to work for a while for better results.

4. remove lime deposits or dried-on coatings. Remove pool wall and bottom deposits and brown stains with the acidic cleaner, DELPHIN Poolrent. Use a sponge or brush that is soft enough not to damage the pool liner. To remove deposits, it is usually necessary to lower the water level. For in-ground pools, it is important to consider stability. Rinse the pool thoroughly with fresh water before refilling it to avoid foaming.



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Algae and flocculation

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