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Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks is a modern multi-component tablet.

Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks, 5 kg

If you want smart and easy pool maintenance, you should use Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks. This chlorine tablet consisting of organic chlorine is made so you get a double functionality. Maxi 2500 Duo
The blue part dissolves within 3 hours and rapidly increases the free chlorine content. The second part, which is white, dissolves over a week. During this week, the puck maintains the pool water with chlorine, flocculation and algaecide. So a smart pool puck!

Instructions for use

Never mix pool chemicals. You always add the products separately to the pool.
Do not dissolve Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks in water. Place the Duo Pucks directly into the drain.

Before using Duo Pucks, measure the pH of the water. Analyse and adjust the pH value to 7.0 - 7.4 if necessary.
Then check the pool's chlorine level and, if necessary, add Saniklar Super Boost Granules to increase the level.
Bear in mind that the chlorine tablet itself will quickly increase the free chlorine content by 1.3 mg/l per 20 cubic metres of bathing water.
Then it is time to add one tablet of Saniklar Maxi 2500 Duo Pucks per 25 m³ of pool water. Then place the tablet in the overflow basket and never add the tablets directly to the pool.
After 7-10 days, it is time to repeat the above due to the fact that the chlorine tablet is normally over by this time. Measuring the pH and chlorine level is of course good if you do it more often, especially during warm, nice swimming days!

Pool maintenance

Simple and regular pool maintenance will save you money and hassle.

Suggestion. Vacuum the pool at least once a week and then scoop up any material lying on the surface. As a result, you will need to add less chemicals.

Check and regulate the pH value in your pool because Ph has a big impact on how your bathing water will turn out.
The right pH saves on chlorine and equipment.
An excellent and affordable digital measuring instrument is Scuba 2

Whichever disinfectant you use, don't forget to add a little extra when there are a lot of people using the pool on a nice summer day. You may have to give a little extra shock treatment to bring the levels up to a good hygienic level.

Cloudy water? Even if you've been careful about how you manage your pool, the water can get a bit cloudy on hot days when you use the pool a lot. Then you need to flocculate small particles that would otherwise not get caught in the filter. After flocculation, you should backwash the particles in the sand filter before starting normal filtration again.

NOTE! Please ensure that your family and guests are careful to shower thoroughly before bathing.

More tips and advice can be found at Saniklar's website.

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