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Article number: 450105

Saniklar Tempo Stick 4.5kg

995,00 kr

Stock balance: 2

Stock balance: 2

Saniklar Tempo Stick consists of HTH Granules that have been pressed together into sticks. The sticks are lined with plastic that should not be removed during use. It is open at the ends of the rods to ensure a continuous dosage of chlorine to the pool.

Saniklar Tempo Stick should be used with Tempo Stick Dispenser.

Saniklar Tempo Stick 300gr, 4,5kg

Ensure the water quality of your pool water with Saniklar Tempo Stick. The stick should be used in the Temps Stick Dispenser.

Instructions for use

Never mix pool chemicals before adding the products to the pool. Start by measuring the pH of the water and adjust the pH to 7.0 - 7.4 if necessary.

Add 1 Tempo Stick per 25m3 of pool water. The sticks are added to the dispenser which is placed in the pool drain.

Pool maintenance

Here's how you can manage your pool and save money and hassle.

Vacuum the pool at least once a week, picking up contaminants that have accumulated on the surface. As a result, you will need to add less chemicals.
Regularly checking and regulating the pH value of your pool has a major impact on how your bathing water will turn out. An excellent and affordable digital measuring instrument is Scuba 2

Whichever disinfectant you use, don't forget to add a little extra as there have been a lot of people using the pool on a nice summer day. You may have to give a little extra shock treatment to bring the levels up to a good hygienic level.

Even if you take good care of your pool, the water can become a bit cloudy on hot days when your pool is used a lot. Then it is good to flocculate small particles that would not otherwise get stuck in the filter. After flocculation, backwash away the particles before you start filtering again.

NOTE! Make sure your family and guests shower thoroughly before swimming.

For more tips and advice, see Saniklar's website.


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