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SpaCare Bromin Tabs 1 kg, Chlorine-free for the spa pool

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare Bromin Tabs. Ideal for people with chlorine allergies and without the smell of chlorine. Bromin is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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SpaCare Bromin Tabs for hot tubs

Bromin Tabs tablets are a good alternative to chlorine because bromine does not have the pungent odour of chlorine and is suitable for use by chlorine-sensitive people. Bromin Tabs are very effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi due to the fact that it removes organic contaminants by oxidisation.

Bromine is non-irritating to the skin and eyes and is lime-free, neutral in pH and non-calcifying. Bromine is more effective than chlorine at higher pH values. This is why Bromine is often used in spas.

Instructions for use SpaCare Bromin Tabs spacar small logo.jpg

You first measure the pH of the water and then adjust the value to 7.0-7.4 if necessary.
You should never add Bromin directly to the spa; instead, Bromin Tabs are added to the spa by dosing directly into the overflow basket or into a dosing float that allows you to regulate the dosage.
We have found that they sometimes do not fit in the Hydropool tablet holder, please use a Dosage float

Regularly measure the bromine and pH of the spa with test equipment. A suitable bromine value is 2.0-4.0 mg/l.

Shock chlorination

When using Bromin Tabs in the spa, you can add SpaCare MiniChlor or SpaChock at any time for shock chlorination and as a result, you get clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

Recommended values

You should therefore pay close attention to the dosage and also regularly check and adjust the bromine, pH and alkali levels to the recommended values:
Bromine 2,0-4,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.


You change the bath water regularly and at the same time you clean the spa. You should use SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner to clean the built-in pipework. You do this 3-4 times a year. After cleaning, you take the opportunity to change the filters or clean them thoroughly.

Maintenance procedures

You need to maintain your spa and Spacare has a very good instruction that you can read if you click here.

For more spa care advice, see if you click here.

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