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SpaCare OxyPlus Liquid

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Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare Oxy Plus Activator Liquid is used in conjunction with SpaCare Active Oxygen Granular as a chlorine-free alternative in hot tubs.


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SpaCare OxyPlus Liquid

Oxyplus should be used with Active Oxygen according to the instructions for use.

The Active Oxygen system is perfect for those looking for a pleasant odourless alternative to chlorine and bromine-based disinfectants. The system consists of two different products that you use together. First, choose Activ Oxygen Granular to disinfect bacteria, among other things. Then you add OxyPlus Activator Liquid and the result is a long-term disinfection.

Instructions for use:spacar small logo.jpg

You add SpaCare OxyPlus Activator Liquid directly to the water after switching on the water circulation at the lowest speed. If you have just added new bath water, add 20 ml of OxyPlus per 1000 litres of water. After this start-up, you need to maintain the bath water weekly by adding 20 ml per 1000 litres of water.

Bathing is possible 10 minutes after addition.
Use test strips to check monopersulphate, alkalinity (TA) and pH.
Ideal values: Monopersulphate 5-10 mg/l, TA 80-120 mg/l, pH 7.0-7.6.


After frequent use of the spa, the addition of SpaCare Minichlor is recommended to maintain the highest level of hygiene in the water.

Caring for hot tubs

You should change the bathing water regularly and clean the spa at the same time. You should use SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner to clean the built-in piping system. You do this 3-4 times a year. After cleaning, you take the opportunity to change the filters or clean them thoroughly.

Daily maintenance

For your daily operation of the spa, you can advantageously have double filters. This means that you can quickly change to clean filters, resulting in clearer bathing water. Next, clean the dirty filter using SpaCare Filter Cleaner. After one to two weeks, it is time to repeat the process and replace the bath filter cartridge with the cleaned one.

Maintenance procedures

It is important that you maintain your hot tub correctly and Spacare has a very good instruction on their website, click here.

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pH, Alka, Calcium

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