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Spacare Sunwac 9 chlorine tablets for 500-1000 litre spas

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Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

SpaCare SunWac 9 is a well-balanced, fast-dissolving chlorine tablet with an organic Egyptian mint extract that gives the water a lovely, relaxing scent. So you get wellness and cleanliness in one product.

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SunWac 9

SpaCare SunWac 9 is a well-balanced chlorine tablet that dissolves quickly, resulting in clear and bacteria-free bathing water after 5 minutes. In addition, Sunwac 9 has an organic Egyptian mint extract, which gives the water a lovely, relaxing scent. So you get wellness and cleanliness in one product.

Fast and efficient

The SpaCare SunWac 9 tablets should be added before and after bathing and at a dose that depends on the size of your spa. This way you avoid time-consuming chlorine measurements and cumbersome dosage instructions. Just add 1 tablet before bathing and 1 tablet after bathing (for spas with 500-1000 litres of water).

Instructions for use

Before bathing, add two SpaCare SunWac 9 tablets per 500 litres of bath water. Place the tablets preferably in the dirt separator when the water circulation is running. Switch on the water massage (water jets) at the lowest speed. You can then bathe after the tablets have dissolved, after about 5 minutes.

After your bath, add one tablet per 500 litres of bathing water to post-disinfect and as a result you will have clear and bacteria-free bathing water that you can swim in after about 20 minutes.

Recommended values

You should therefore pay close attention to the dosage and also regularly check and adjust the SpaCare SunWac 9 chlorine, pH and alkali levels to the recommended values:
Chlorine content 1,0-3,0 mg/l;
pH 7.0-7.4;
Alkalinity 80-120 mg/l.

A very good product for measuring and analysing bathing water is the Blue Connect Go.

Maintenance proceduresSpaCare SunWac 9

You need to maintain your hot tub. Spacare has a very good instruction that you can read if you click on the image on the right....

Shock chlorination

When you use the SpaCare SunWac 9 in the spa, you can add MiniChlor or SpaChock at any time for shock chlorination and as a result, you get clear and bacteria-free bathing water.

Clean baths and pipework

Change your bath water regularly and clean the spa itself. Clean the built-in pipework 3-4 times a year with Biofilm Cleaner. After cleaning, change the filters or clean them thoroughly.

Filter byte

Use dual filters that allow you to quickly switch to cleaned filters. When one cartridge is used as a filter, the other is placed in a cleaning tube, added with Filter Cleaner. After one week of use as a filter, the dirty cartridge is replaced by the clean cartridge in the cleaning tube.

Find out more about the SpaCare SunWac 9 and care instructions for hot tubs. if you click here.

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