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Spafilter 4 pcs Cleanable for Calspa, Marquis, Sundance Viskan V series built from 2019.

Original price was: 1 840,00 kr.Current price is: 1 380,00 kr.

Stock balance: 5+

Stock balance: 5+

Buy 4 and pay only for 3


4-pack cleaning-free spa filter Sannra™ kadaptable to Viskan filter ACS V50 with part numberr 50736, also suitable for Marquis and Cal spas etc.Filter container Viskan V50

Viskan changed the filters for their hot tubs in 2019 so check that the thread size is correct!

This filter fits the Viskan with this filter container:

Also available as a washable filter here.


If you don't want to buy 4, you can find loose filters here.

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Cleaning-free spa filters from Sannra™ simplify your spa life.

No cleaning - No filter chemicals - Clearer bathing water.

You never have to wash dirty filters or buy filter chemicals again. After 3 months, simply replace the filter and insert a new one. Each filter lasts about 3 months of normal bathing. So if you have two filters in your bath, you change them after about 5-6 months.

A no-clean spa filter removes particles down to 1-5 microns compared to traditional washable lamella filters that can only manage down to about 20 microns. This gives you clearer bathing water without having to use flocculants.

The filters are made of spun polypropylene plastic that has been treated to be antibacterial. The manufacturing process can be likened to making cotton candy where thin strands are formed layer upon layer. All these layers give the filter a very large 'surface' that can absorb dirt. The same type of filter is used in face masks.

Care instructions Sannra™ Cleaning-free spa filters

Filters need to be changed every three months for normal bathing. If you bathe often and frequently, the filter must be changed more often. If you use two filters, change them every 6 months, etc. If you use several filters in your bath, it is good to check whether the water to the circulation pump goes through one or all filters. If the water goes through a filter, it is good to change the location of the filters occasionally to ensure an even load on them.

Never use flocculants with these filters. The filters naturally remove small particles that cause cloudy water. Do not use oil-based fragrances that clog all types of filters.

We recommend using an old rinsed filter for 24 hours after changing the water and cleaning the pipes. There are usually small particles in the new water and residues may come out of the pipes after cleaning, which will shorten the life of the filters.

If you have very high levels of iron in the water, which are not filtered out before filling the spa, we advise against the use of cleaning-free filters. These remove particles down to 1-5 microns which means they are easily clogged by high iron levels.

Weight 0,6000 kg
Filter length


Filter diameter


Bottom connection

Fine thread

Connection Ø

59 mm

Type of filter


Home delivery


Corresponds to Article

50735, 5CH-502, PPM50SC-F2M, SC703, SC719

V series 2019

Ängsö, Asperö, Björkö, Ekerö, Lindö, Vindö


Suitable for, among other things:

Even if your model is not listed, it may fit. Always check the size.

Cal Spas
Viskan Spa
V series 2019Ängsö, Asperö, Björkö, Ekerö, Lindö, Vindö

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