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Spalock 302 x 236 R= 15cm, Hydropool 1038

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Incoming stock balance: 2
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Spalock Sannra™ 302 x 236 R=15 cm Grey fits Hydropool 1038.

A good spalock should withstand wind, rain and cold for many years. A heavy blanket of snow should not be able to deform the cover, while rainwater should run off automatically.

Spalocket should be as flexible and easy to handle as possible but still provide maximum insulation, and minimise heating costs.

Based on the above criteria, in combination with our almost 20 years of experience in hot tubs, we have continuously developed what has resulted in one of the market's most high-quality and popular hot tub covers in the form of our Sannra ™ - Cover for Nordic climate.

We would also say that our lids are the finest on the market.

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Well-built Spalock 302 x 236 R= 15 cm, Sannra™ , with high thermal insulation.  

Constructions consists of insulating blocks with a density of 25 kg per cubic metre. Reinforcement is via a galvanised steel U-beam.
(steel is superior to aluminium in strength and torsional stiffness) which is embedded in the insulation block so that it does not risk damaging the moisture barrier.
The moisture barrier is in turn vacuum-sealed, hot-welded and made of aluminium-coated plastic film. Thickness and density are extremely important for insulation.
The cover therefore has a maximum thickness of 127mm on one long side and 102mm on the other for effective water drainage. To ensure that the cover stays on the bath, it comes with a skirt that prevents the wind from grabbing it. It also comes with buckles to attach it to the bath and handles to handle it.

The function of the vapour barrier and importance of a spalock is worth commenting on further. One of the most common problems with spalock
is that the vapour barrier gives way and the cover takes in condensation and therefore soon weighs 100 kg. The quality of the vapour barrier is therefore extremely important.
We therefore decided to offer the most reliable vapour barrier on the market and we are convinced that we have now achieved this.
The moisture barrier is made of Mylar, which is a material made of specially treated polyester and aluminium foil.

Marine vinyl which surrounds the entire structure is of the highest quality and is anti-UV and anti-mildew treated at the factory.
Finally, for maximum durability, the joint of the vinyl is insulated along the entire length of the spalock with 2 small and one long cushion to create the
sustainability and minimise heat loss.

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Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 302 × 130 cm
A Folding side cm


B Obrutes cm


Radius cm




Marine vinyl



Suitable for, among other things:

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